Gun Safes

Used Gun Safes

Amsec BF6030

  • OD: 60″H x 30″W x 27″D (+2″ for handle and lock)
  • Interior Capacity: 11-11-22 (each side holds 11 guns on the 1/2 EZ rack, 22 total)
  • Weight: 1,036 lbs
  • Fire Rating: 120 minutes (drylight fill)
  • Details: Black textured finish,  BODY: 11 ga. steel body with fire protection and 12 ga. the inner liner, DOOR: 1/2″ steel plate + fire protection + 11 ga. steel after., four anchor holes, carpeted universal configuration (all shelves),  mirrored back wall (top 1/3 of safe), mechanical dial

PRICE: $1,700.00 (Not including tax and delivery)

American Security BP6529

  • OD: 60"H x 22"W x 16.5"D (overall depth with handle and lock)
  • ID: 57.5"H x 21.75"W x 11"D (shelf depth)
  • Weight: 388 lbs
  • Details: Gray textured exterior finish, Silver carpeted shelving with all gun interior, Mechanical Dial with keys.

PRICE: $500.00 (Not including tax and delivery)

Treadlock Safe

  • OD: 63.25"H x 24.25"W x 18-5/8"D ( 1" for handle pull and keylock)
  • ID: 62-5/8"H x 24"W x 15"D (shelf depth)
  • Weight: 250 lbs
  • NO Fire Protection
  • Details: Brown exterior finish, two tone beige/brown plush carpet interior, 1/2 gun configuration (7 guns), 4 side shelves, full top shelf, key lock only

PRICE: $400.00 (Not including taxes or delivery costs)


  • OD: 59"H x 32"W x 21"D ( 2" for handle and lock)
  • ID: 58.5"H x 10.25" (LS) / 20.25" (RS) x 17-3/8"D (shelf depth)
  • Weight: 400 lbs
  • NO Fire Protection
  • Details: Green textured exterior finish, L handle, mechanical dial, Left side has 7 notches for long guns, Right side has 16 notches, 4 side shelves for left side, 5 small hooks on door panel

PRICE: $500.00 (Not including taxes and delivery costs)

Titan 6041 - Jet Black

  • OD: 60"H x 41"W x 27"D (overall depth of 30")
  • Weight: 1,512 lbs
  • Fire Rating: 1680 degrees @ 90 minutes
  • Details: high gloss Jet Black exterior finish, biometric lock, chrome detail/hardware, 5 spoke handle. internal right-hand hinges, grey interior carpeting, all-gun configuration with additional side shelf, door racks for hand guns (no hooks/clips), fluorescent light kit

Price: $4,000 (Not including tax or delivery costs)

Guardian 6031 - Mercedes Silver

  • OD: 60.5"H x 31"W x 25"D (overall 28"D)
  • Weight: 883 lbs
  • Fire Rating: 1680 degrees @ 90 minutes
  • Details: high gloss Mercedes Silver exterior finish, electronic lock, 5 spoke handle, black chrome detail/hardware color, internal right-hand hinges, baby blue & pink pinstripe interior carpeting, all-shelf/universal configuration (with divider shelf for the option of a gun rack), fluorescent light kit, no door organizer

Price: $4,500 (Not including tax or delivery costs)