TL 15 Safes

Used TL Safes

** Additional cost on all safes that need to be prepped/crated for shipping LTL**

TL15 (No fire)

  • OD: 32-3/16"H x 30-1/8"W x 24.75"D ( 2" with lock and handle)
  • ID: 30.5"H x 28-3/8"W x 18.5" (shelf depth)
  • Weight: 900 lbs
  • Details: Grey exterior finish, 1 adjustable shelf, electronic lock, pull handle, 4 anchor holes

Price: $800.00 (Not including taxes or delivery fees)

Empire TL - Small

  • OD: 22.75"H x 23.25"W x 25-7/8"D ( 2" for handle, lock, hinges)
  • ID: 16-1/8"H x 17"W x 16:D (shelf depth)
  • Weight: 902 lbs
  • Details: gray exterior finish, 1 adjustable shelf, 3 spoke handle, LaGard electronic lock

Price: $750.00 (Tax and Delivery fees not included)